66400 - Ø400mm Grease Follower Plate

66400 - Ø400mm Grease Follower Plate

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66400 - Ø400mm Grease Follower Plate

Follower plate are always recommended but they become indispensable when using particularly hard greases. The follower plate is pulled towards the bottom of the drum by the vacuum created by the pump and always ensures the following advantages:

  • Compresses the grease, preventing air pockets from forming and possible cavitation of the pump

  • Keeps the grease clean, as well as preserving its characteristics

  • Enables collection of all the grease from the bottom of the drum, that would otherwise remain stuck to the sides.


  • Follower plate Ø400 mm

  • Suitable for Ø360 - 400mm drum internals

  • Ø30mm union